Corporate Profile

Sense of security in cashless society

The “cashless society” where payment is not handled by cash but processed by sending and receiving of money transaction data increases the convenience for consumers, reduces social cost, and creates new business chances such as Fintech. On the other hand, breach of security may break the reliability of systems and institutions, and cause the business foundation itself to collapse. Therefore, various legal systems and guidelines have been established to act against involved risks where companies are required to comply with them. We will contribute to the realization of the sense of security in cashless society by reinforcing security and by supporting the compliance operation of clients.

Main Service

Consulting Service

Support compliance operation and reinforce security of customers related to PCI DSS and payment card security.

Training Service

Provide our knowledge and know-how for PCI DSS compliance and operation through training courses and workshops.

Company Profile

Company Name fjconsulting, INC
“fj” means “From Japan”
Board Members Yosuke Seta (CEO and Representative Director)
Shizu Osawa (COO and Director)
Kiichiro Suda (Non-executive Director, CEO of Unite and Grow Inc.)
Tomoyoshi Saito (Non-executive Director, Executive Officer of Unite and Grow Inc.)
Kazuo Higo (Auditor, Full-time Auditor of Unite and Grow Inc.)
Testuya Oi (Legal Adviser, TMI associates)
Capital 9,820,000JPY
Office Place 3F, 4-3, Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 Japan

Profile of CEO

Aug. 2016 - Present
Japan Card Data Security Consortium
Title Facilitator of User group (Present post)
Nov. 2015 - Present
BSI Professional Services Japan
Title Technical Adviser(Present post)
Jul. 2014 - Present
GRCS Inc.(Formerly known as NANAROQ Inc.)
Title Adviser(Present post)
Apr. 2013 - Present
fjconsulting, INC. Title CEO & Representative Director(Present post)
Nov. 2009 - Mar. 2013
NCI Corporation. (Currently known as ITM Inc.)
Title Director
Aug. 2010 - Feb. 2013
Payment Card Forensics, Inc.
Title Director
Apr. 2007 - Jun. 2013
International Certification authority of Management System
Title President & Representative Director
Nov. 1999 - Sep. 2007
Inforisk Manage, INC.
Title COO and Director